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Different Types of Masks for You


Fashionable masks are highly in demand as wearing a mask while going out is mandatory everywhere in India and even abroad. As all of us are fighting COVID 19 pandemic, wearing a mask might protect us from getting infected. All the countries in the world are slowly opening up after a long period of time, however, the situation is not under control yet. Following safety guidelines is really important now than ever to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. World Health Organization (WHO) and doctors all around the world recommending people to wear masks to prevent the spread. Here are a few types of masks you can go for before stepping out of your house.

Medical or Surgical Masks

You will find these masks usually in pharmacies, however, with the high demand of these masks for medical professionals, you might have to struggle to find these. These masks are effective in catching droplets when you sneeze or cough.

N95 Masks

These masks are widely available in the market both in retail shops and online. These masks block 95% of the air particulates as the name suggests. N95 masks are made of synthetic material and come with a valve most of the time.

Fabric Mask:

Relatively popular with a washable option, these masks are made of cotton or similar material. With two layers of cotton with elasticated straps or tie-up options. Printed or solids, there are plenty of options available online. So, next time when you shop online kurta for women or any clothing, go for a matching mask as this has become the new normal.

Masks definitely play a vital role in preventing the spread of Coronavirus. However, personal hygiene and social distancing play an integral part. While venturing out make sure you are carrying a mask, sanitizer and keeping distance with each other.

Different Types of Masks for You

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